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Life Science, Information Technology, Engineering & Math (Tax, Accounting & Finance)

Demand for quality talent is on the rise—an aging workforce, expanding client portfolios, increasing government and industry regulations, a sheer shortage of talent entering into industry... Regardless of the reason why your talent need exists, we know you need it solved quickly and without compromise in quality or your hard earned budget.

We actively listen and hear your requests. We know your business relies on accuracy, accountability and keen business sense. With our decades of staffing experience we understand your recruiting challenges and are here to help solve them!

Unique to STEM is our Candidate Assessment & Representation Agreement (CARA). This time-saving qualification process elicits the candidate’s strengths relative to our client’s requirements. Plus, with our Subject Matter Experts working hand-in-hand with our recruiters, we provide confirmation and insights you won’t get from other agencies.

STEM Search & Staffing makes the talent search and placement convenient, flexible, & easy. Experience the difference today!