Our Solutions

Whether it is a complex or urgent role you’re trying to fill, or a project that needs extra resources or TLC, STEM Search & Staffing provides flexible, time saving solutions that allow you to focus on what you do best! Leave the painstaking recruiting process to us and leverage our experience!

Contract • Contract to Hire • Direct Hire • Delimited Search • Payroll • Internship


Contract personnel solve short term staffing needs which may be driven by medical/maternity leave of absence, vacation, peak workload demands, special projects requiring specialized/complex skills for a defined project length or achieved objectives. This solution is billed at an hourly rate. Hourly rates are based on the candidates level of education, years of experience, geography of the opening/candidate, supply/demand.

Contract to Hire

The Contract to Hire solution replicates the contract solution but the intent of the role is a long term placement whereby the contract period, typically 1040 hours, is a trial to ensure alignment in productivity and fit between the contractor and client. When the required hours have been completed arrangements to convert the contractor to the client’s payroll takes place. Should the timeline be accelerated a pro-rated payment schedule based on hours completed to date applies.

Direct Hire

The Direct Hire solution provides the client with a qualified employee. It is an ideal solution for the mid to upper level of required skills, experience or where complexity of skill required or geography of company location make this solution more feasible and attractive to the candidate. A placement fee is based on the employee’s first year’s annual salary.

Payroll Services

This is an administrative option to bring on contractors the client has sought and qualified on their own. This service utilizes STEM Search & Staffing's infrastructure and process in on-boarding and maintains the resource as a contractor. This solution is provided at a competitive hourly rate.

Delimited Search

The Delimited or Engaged Search requires an up-front fee engaging STEM Search & Staffing the exclusive search right to launch the search. This fee is refundable if STEM Search & Staffing fails to achieve a hire or other deliverable specified in the client’s solution agreement. The initial fee is a relatively small up-front fee which is discounted from the final placement fee. Just as the direct hire fee, the search fee is based on the employee’s first year salary. The search terms state a future date when the project must be completed or the initial payment will be refunded.


The Internship solution consists of an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization. It enables the student to get paid a reasonable wage and the organization to benefit from their work at a reduced rate. It provides on-the-job training for the intern and provides good will in the fostering of the next generation of talent.